Junior Fiction

Book ReviewThe Fire Within

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Don't you hate a fence sitter, and yet, this is where this book falls, not bad but not great.
Scholastic, 2001

I am always eager for a series. Unlike a standalone novel, a series ensures that I have found an author my children can read over a length of time. Because this was a well established series with five books in print by the time my children were ready to read this genre, we gave it a go. These books are geared towards children just emerging from easy read chapter books. However, my daughter gave up half-way through book two for the same reason I struggled to finish the first. Despite the lure of clay dragons that come to life, these books are written in a slow pace. It’s like a cup of cranberry juice that’s been watered down to the point you have to drink and drink, or read and read for the storyline to give any sustenance...