Review Policy

Let’s be frank, everyone reads for different reasons.  Mine fall under the common category of escapism.  I love a book that takes me on a fun and twisting journey.  Life harbours enough seriousness so I tend to not look for too much darkness in my literature choices.  Having children who currently read within the higher-end Junior Fiction/Young Adult Fiction genre, I tend to pre-read anything before I pass it along to them.  I want them to be excited about books so I am filtering out nightmarish producing ones or any with content I feel is above their current maturity level.For ease of searching the book reviews are organized by genre: Junior Fiction, Young Adult, then into my own areas of Adult Fiction Romance. 
 I’m a part-time librarian (I know, super cool job!) so many of my books are currently from work or my own personal collection at home.
 As a book reviewer I pledge:

  • Total honesty - unlike my sister who ate a piece of my Mom’s freshly baked chocolate cake and then blamed me when we were kids.
  • Full disclosure of publication information/author/title/genre of each book reviewed.  Wouldn’t it be awful to give a great review and not tell you the name of the book!  Oh the naughtiness!
  • Stick to a word count of 500 or less – keep it short, keep it simple and keep it sassy I say!