Megan Whalen Turner

Book ReviewThe Thief

Reviewer's Rating: 
Don't you hate a fence sitter, and yet, this is where this book falls, not bad but not great.
Harper Collins, 1996

I struggled a bit with how to review this book because of why I ever picked it up in the first place. I was in a Coles bookstore (surprise, surprise) and they often have staff picks on display. One employee named Hazel had prominently chosen the Selection Series by Kiera Cass as some of her favorites. BINGO! with me too so I checked out Hazel's other favorites and saw this series by Megan Whalen Turner. In addition to Hazel's personal recommendation, The Thief has won a bunch of awards that all sound super important so hey, let's give it a try, right? I have to admit that it is a well written book. The pacing is good, the character development good, the twisty ending also good but I couldn't help thinking this is a good 'boys' book. It's all boy characters until near the ending. The boys are dirty, stinky, and travelling together they...