About Miss Gevious

Miss Gevious is an intended play on the word ‘mischievous’.  Not only is that a word I’ve related well to all my life (just ask my mother), it was a way of incorporating the “G” of my name Ginger into a book review persona.  Growing up, the future Miss Gevious spent her allowance money not on teeny bop magazines with splashy pictures of the two cute Corey’s, nope; I bought books and books and books until the stack in my closet reached from the floor to the hanger rod.  Then in college and the great world beyond, due to meagre funds I discovered libraries and there was no turning back for me.


When my own written works, one self-published Christian historical fiction and one never-published-in-any-way-shape-or-form Romantic Comedy Novel, failed to produce a Stephenie Meyeristic earthquake in the publishing world, I sat and wondered what else I could do with my obsessive love of prose.  I said to my husband one evening, “I think I make a better reader than a writer of books”.  To which he replied, “Why don’t you review books – you’ve certainly read enough of them.”  Did I mention my husband is not only the handsomest man in the world, but his Mensa mind is amazing? 


Having failed to scale that publishing wall myself, I have a deep respect and awe for any book that makes it into my joyous hands.  Before I’ve even read the jacket or dove directly into page one I have an inkling of the mountain of work that has already been accomplished.  Let’s face it, I get the easy job.  I sit back and enjoy the author’s ride.  Then I open my mouth and put my ‘chatterbox’ (my nickname throughout my primary grades) to good use.


Now for the flat facts that Statistics Canada is always chasing me for: I’m married, I have three children and I live in rural Ontario, Canada...and I occasionally wear a touque, and yes, Bob’s my Uncle - he lives in Port Dover.